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We are grateful you are considering our practice and look forward to meeting you and your family on your first visit. It is very important to us and to your child to have a pleasant experience on their initial visit. This may mean we change the normal routine to fit your child’s needs and help them feel comfortable.

Regardless of how your child responds, we want to provide a caring and consistent environment. We strive to establish a close rapport with your child and gain their confidence quickly. A ‘successful’ visit may not necessarily include ‘polishing’ the teeth. We take your confidence in caring for your family very seriously and hope to exceed your expectations. 

The Academy of Pediatric Dentistry states that the first dental visit should occur within 6 months after the baby's first tooth appears, but no later than the child's first birthday. Part of promoting the dentist office as a positive place for your child is to have them meet and establish a trusting relationship with the provider through routine hygiene visits rather than waiting for a dental problem or emergency to arise.

To help facilitate these early healthy habits, Dr.McNutt provides the first visit for children under 24 months of age as complimentary. Furthermore, Dr. McNutt offers countless opportunities to schedule younger patients in the morning where they tend to be well rested and most cooperative. 

Finally, in an effort to reduce any potential wait time upon your arrival, we encourage you to print off and complete the medical forms found here prior to your visit to either mail in ahead of time or bring with you for your child's first appointment.


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