Our Practice Philosophy

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Is mcnutt pediatric dentistry in my network?

Having dental insurance is a blessing that allows many individuals to get care that otherwise could not. However, not all individuals have access to or choose to purchase dental insurance.

Therefore, in an effort to empower all of our patients and potential patients as well as their families both with and without insurance to select a dental care provider based solely on the needs of the child or children rather than the coverage of a given insurance provider, Dr. McNutt has chosen not to contract with any insurance providers directly.

This allows us to provide care equally to patients both with and without dental insurance coverage. In addition, it helps us keep our procedure fees lower than many offices who are contracted with specific insurance providers since we do not have to adjust for varying reimbursements. 

As a result, we do fall under the 'Out-of-Network' classification. 

What Payment is Due at time of Service?

Full payment for services is expected at the time of your child's dental visit. However, we recognize that can present cash flow challenges, particularly for families with multiple children. Therefore, we also offer payment schedules that are free of finance fees or interest charges when needed. Our front office staff will be happy to address any specific questions or needs related to insurance or payments as they may arise. 

WHAT If i have insurance?

Even with insurance, you will still be responsible for full payment at the time of service. However, our front office staff will collect your insurance information if we do not already have it and will file the appropriate claim form for you so that your insurance company can reimburse you directly for their coverage typically within 2-3 weeks depending on your insurance.

Additional Questions?

Please call our office today at (615) 383-0171 and speak to a member of our staff for help with additional questions or clarifications.