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Baby teeth play a pivotal role in the way your child’s adult teeth develop. If your child has crooked teeth or overcrowding, Timothy McNutt Sr., DDS, may recommend early stage orthodontics at McNutt Pediatric Dentistry in Nashville, Tennessee. Early orthodontic intervention helps ensure that your child’s permanent teeth grow in straight and healthy, reducing the risk of tooth decay. To learn more about early-stage orthodontics, call McNutt Pediatric Dentistry or schedule an appointment online today.

Orthodontics Q & A

What are orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatments correct position or alignment issues, such as crooked teeth or bite problems. While orthodontics are most common in adolescents and teens, who have fully erupted permanent teeth, early-stage orthodontic therapies in childhood can help prevent your child from needing extensive orthodontic treatment in their later teen years. 

Who needs early-stage orthodontics?

Dr. McNutt may recommend early-stage orthodontics, or Phase 1 orthodontics, when your child still has some of their baby teeth. While it’s easy to assume that baby teeth don’t matter because they’re temporary, they actually pave the path for adult teeth.

Baby teeth also help your child, chew, speak, and breathe comfortably by pushing their tongue into the correct position. Without healthy baby teeth, your child may need more extensive orthodontic therapy in the future. 

To ensure your child has a healthy set of adult teeth, Dr. McNutt may recommend early stage orthodontics to help correct common dental concerns, such as:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Overcrowding
  • Gapped teeth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Disproportionate jaw

Orthodontics can also help correct issues like breathing problems, speech difficulties, and problems that stem from thumb-sucking.

What are the different types of orthodontics?

Dr. McNutt received special training to plan and place various orthodontic treatments, including:

Full orthodontics

Full orthodontics, or braces, use metal wires and brackets to gradually move your child’s teeth into the correct position. Braces can also help fix bite problems, such as an underbite or crossbite, to ensure your child speaks, chews, and breathes without difficulty.

Orthodontic extraction

Sometimes, pediatric patients have too many teeth in their mouths for their permanent teeth to erupt the way they should. To make space for your child’s adult teeth, Dr. McNutt may remove some of their existing teeth; however, this is rare. This can help their permanent teeth erupt in the correct position.

Specialized retainer

A specialized retainer, space maintainer, or expansion appliance can help improve the alignment of your child’s teeth and correct a misaligned bite. 

After an initial evaluation, Dr. McNutt can determine the right orthodontic treatment for your child.

To learn more about the orthodontic therapies available at McNutt Pediatric Dentistry, call the office, or book an appointment online today.